Should I Stay or Should I Leave?

Blogging is like a relationship to me. It has to be nurtured continuously. There must be a strong commitment, passion and love for what I do. If I don’t have the chemistry with my readers, with my fellow bloggers and with my own writing, I lose interest. Then it will be a relationship in demise, an “Out of sight, Out of mind” experience.

AT first I thought that blogging is easy. I thought that I am a good writer. I thought that I have more than enough life experience in my world travel that is worth sharing with mankind. I even thought that I can write for a living on a part time basis during my retirement. I was surprised at my short disappointing experience with blogging. And it brings me backĀ  to the “existential” angst of being human; the meaning vs. meaninglessness of life, loving vs. isolation and freedom of choice, etc.

Finding myself in a crossroad, whether it is in my relationship (and/or blogging) has never been easy. I have to learn how to reach out and ask for help (which again was difficult for me) but I guess if I want the relationship (and/or blogging) so bad, then I better prepare for the impossible.