A Journey of a Lifetime: An Invitation

With the 7.2 billion living souls in the world today, how do we connect to one another and hear other people’s story?                                                                                            Like many of you, I kept journaling for years. A journal in every country that I have visited but never published an article. Maybe this is the right time & the right place.

I went to Cambodia and befriended some Khmer Rouge Soldiers while assisting the people in choosing their own leaders after 20 years of silence. In the Philippines I worked directly with some members and leaders of the New People’s Army in their attempt for political reforms. The same thing happened in Nepal when I ended up recruiting Human Rights Lawyers in response to the Maoist’s demand for a change in the country’s leadership and policies.

Why am I always caught in the middle of a country’s transformation and rebels’ causes? Is it because of my rebellious personality? Is it because of a particular “coping skill” that I learned as a child? Or is it because of my values and worldview about Justice, Fairness and Equality, and that of “Being Human.”